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“After 3 Years of Debating Whether to Reveal This Info, I’m Finally Ready to Share Some of The Most Profound Secrets that Master Psychics & Mentalists use every day!”

Discover The Secrets To The Real Jedi Mind Trick, Third Eye Focusing, Psychic Power & Control!

Mind Force Psychic Power/Internal Power Centers: Using your internal power for mental focus and energy manipulation!

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Finally the Esoteric techniques and concepts you have been looking for are in one very powerful course of study”!

Dear Friend,

Ever since I launched my website years ago, my clients have literally been begging me to come up with a comprehensive course on how to tap into the psychic centers of the mind…

I’ve had volumes and volumes of notes on some of the most esoteric training methods just sitting on my shelves waiting for the right time…I mean, I’ve spent a small fortune in time and effort trying to find some of this stuff, so you can imagine my reluctance to just let this cat out of the bag!

I mean I got some techniques you just aren’t going to find anywhere, and I just didn’t know if I really wanted to release it, quite frankly…

But a strange thing happens when you meditate on situations, and that is what I did.. In fact, I knew I would get an aswer to my delima (in fact this is one fo the power techniques I’ll teach you to do)…

Just Some of The Things I’ve Mastered Over the Years:

  • Several Different Styles of Martial Arts
  • Became an Instructor in the Highly Secretive and Esoteric Art of Chi Power Training (I’m now part owner of the worlds most highly sought after instructional courses on chi energy).
  • Mastered Hypnotic Influence and Covert Persuasion Skills In Under one (1) Year, and Wrote my first book and course shortly after.
  • Learned and Mastered the Skills of Remote Viewing and Astral Projection ( I know it is weird, but this stuff rocks!)
  • Re-Discovered How to Establish My Own Sensitivity as It Relates To Psychic Energy
  • Was Taught The Real Methods To the Secrets of “The Law of Attraction” ( I wrote my book Magneto, 4 years before “The Secret” even came out)

So, as you can see, I’m not some “wannabee” guy who copied someone’s course and put their name on it. In fact alot of the courses out there are written by guys who don’t even use their real name…I’m real and will prove it to you…

Any questions just call me on my personal mobile phone-> 609-638-8850

So I’ve studied with some really cool guys that know stuff that 95% of the population aren’t even aware exists, and now I’m willng to share them with you…

Why would I do that?

Because if there is one thing I have learned over the years, and that is when you are a giver, you will attract more abundance in your life than ever before, and I’m all about abundance…

So, if you knew that by giving someone something of value that you would get twice, three times or 10 times that amount in value, would you give that up?

That is why I want you to have this information…

The Guy Just Sent Me Cash Money Out of The Blue!

My answer came in the form of a substantial amount of money that one of my clients sent me…And I’m talking out of the blue. He sent me a check for more money than all of my products put together.

This motivated me (because I had no product that he was looking for) and got to work right away. Of course I gave this guy some personal instruction that allowed him to get this to work magnificently…

So like any half way intelligent person, I cashed his check and started writing and taking all these cool concepts and distilling it into methods that can be used by anyone at any time.

At one time, I had actually tape recorded (remember those old shoe box tape recorders?) conversations I had with several of my instructors, and started to listen to those sessions of training and began to build a system that I know works, because I do it and teach it every day!

I’m a writer, but probably not a very good one, but even I could see this was hot stuff!

I Didn’t Even Want to Release This…

I sent a rough draft over to a buddy and his first response was-> “Where have you been hiding this good stuff? This guy had been a friend for years, and I knew that if he liked it, I had something.

I knew I would have to condense all of the information down into a usable format, so that anyone that decided to study this information would be able to without any prior knowledge of psychic energy, meditation or any other type of esoteric training get it to work for them……

It took me 3 weeks just to compile the information to see what was useful and what wasn’t. It took me another 7 weeks to start putting it together in a logical format. What I came up with were the most cutting edge, super charged techniques you could use to manipulate with psychic energy…

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been selling the World Famous Chi Power Training Course for the last 10-15 years or so, so you can imagine, I have the experience and background with which to deliver something totally unique, that it will blow your ever loving mind!

As a matter of fact, I was going to be releasing information that some of my instructors warned me not to teach, but I wanted my clients to have ALL the information, not just some scraps!

With my new course, “Internal Power Centers”, I show you high level of techniques to use your energy with. I go into some of the areas most requested by my clients and customers around the world. I’ll teach the “Real Jedi Mind Trick” as so many people saw in the Original Star Wars Movie…..

So, I’m not going to waist your time with a long overblown sales letter, I’m just going to tell you whats in this dynamic program…

Here is Just a Small Sampling of What You’ll Discover!

  • The Energy System
  • Mind to Mind Communication
  • Pre-Cognition
  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Telepathy
  • Seeing Auras
  • Energy Manipulation for Healing, Controlling & Empowering

What if you could use your energy to maximize every area of your life, would you use it?

Most people want the secrets of the chosen few, but rarely are they ready to put in the appropriate flight time to succeed.

This is not a magic course, but a course that contains real methods to help you tap into that portion of yourself that many have forgotten after many years of desensitizaton from family, friends and others that would like to limit our abilities.

My goal here is simple……..To Empower you to be the best you can be in all areas of your life. I want to teach you how to utilize your energy in such a magnificent way, that you will never have to ask the question……

What if!

In this brand new course, We’ll will show you exactly how you can:

  • Teach yourself and others how to accurately view the auras of people, plants, animals and other objects.
  • Learn how to naturally and effortlessly sense the energy around you and then interpret that energy to understand it’s meaning.
  • Create an energetic lie detector. Know when someone is lying to you or telling the truth.
  • Build up the energy system with powerful meditations, breath training, mind stilling techniques and other esoteric energy producing methods.
  • Learn the correct way to conduct mind to mind communication
  • Study the very same methods to increase receptivity that psychics and world renowned government Remote Viewers use.
  • A telepathic method that is 100% more accurate than what is being taught by most so called “experts”.
  • Gain pre-cognitive abilities that will allow you to transcend your reception towards the future or backwards into the past.
  • The truth behind ghosts, spirits and other entities and how you can keep your house “entity free”
  • The meaning of dreams and premonitions and how they can positively affect your life for the better
  • Learn the very secret methods of energy transmission from person to person or person to object and how you can transmit your energy into anyone or anything.
  • Amazing ways to pull stagnant energy out of family and friends
  • 5 totally unique ways to defend yourself against psychic attack
  • What exactly are “Energy Vampires”, and how do they effect your energy
  • How to protect your thoughts and dreams from intrusion by unwanted visitors.

And so much more thought provoking material to increase your abilities exponentially

Like all of my books and courses, this one is unique……..It covers material not covered in any of my other courses…..Material until recently was only given out to my very best “one on one” clients and students….

Now this potent information can be yours to study in the comfort of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days per week if you like.

Once you begin to see the value in how this can positively affect your internal energetic abilities, psychic awareness and overal receptivity, you’ll get excited about how you can take this information and use it in your life everyday.

One of the things, I want to make perfectly clear, and that is this information is powerful and used the wrong way can hurt others. Because of this, I take no responsibility on how you might use these techniques…

The good news is, techniques like the ones taught in the Mind Force Psychic Power course will help you to define how good you want to get with this training material.

If you are the type that is looking to hurt someone, or use techniques this powerful to only benefit yourself, you might as well just leave this site right now, because it has always been our number one goal to train only those people with a high moral integrity.

On the other hand, if you really want to max out your psychic and energetic power, this is most likely exactly what you’ve been looking for, and at a price that anyone can afford.

Here’s What You Get Inside “Internal Power Centers”

Mind Force Psychic Power-Internal Power Centers Manual

This is the real deal…This is the manual that people have been talking about since I wrote it back in 2007.

I waited to publish this information in print for 3 years because of the potentially powerful concepts explained…These notes are some of the most powerful concepts, methods and strategies for the creation of psychic power and awareness you will ever see anywhere…

And That’s Not All…When You Get This Course Today, I Am Giving You Access to My Two Other Mind Force books: See below for details.

These two books alone are worth the investment and I’m giving them to you as an added bonuse when you invest in Magneto!

  • Every page of this book contains secrets of the psychic process
  • Learn powerful techniques you can use as you design your own game plan
  • Learn how to harness the power of your own personal “Mind Stilling Technique”
  • Many different techniques to learn how to tap into your psychic centers profoundly
  • Bonus section on “The Power of Definite Purpose”
FORMAT: Instant PDF Access


Mind Force Psychic Power, Internal Power Centers Audio Files 

In These audio files, you will find the most detailed instruction ever on how to gain the Internal Power skills you desire…Several hours of instruction insures you the maximum instruction in these esoteric skills.

Module #1 Includes

How to get your mind ready and prepaired for the psychic Process
How to tap into a “mind stilling” technique that works every time you use it.
How to use the mysterious “yin chi” infusion technique.
Learn a super secret method to viewing auras
How to tap into the “Third Eye” to view the Past, Present or Future.

Module #2 Includes

You’ll learn advanced “telepathy” techniques
Discover the difference between involuntary and voluntary telepathy and how you can control it.
How to transfer your Mind Force through the concept of “Mind to Mind” communication.
Learn the 3 different types of “Precognition” and how you can master each one.
You’ll be taught the exact exercises and shown the tools that most master mentalist use to hone their trade. This includes psychometry, telepsychometry and other unique concepts.

Module #3 Includes

Here’s what I’ll teach you…

You’ll learn all about “Psychic Self Defense” and how to avoid those out to drain your energy
How to use the pattened Vampire blocking technique
What are “Energy Vampires’ and how you can recognize them, and know how to stop them.
You’ll Learn the 3 Infusing chi energy technique to prepare for your psychic defense
The good, the bad and the ugly of the Energy Vampire and why you need to learn this.

FORMAT: Instant Access Audio

Get Valuable Bonuses by Taking Action Today!

Bonus #1- Mind Portal Meditation Manual 

Mind Portal Book (Formerly Mastery Through Meditation-See Above)
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF Report

This book covers the gamet…I’ll show you how to meditate as well as the more esoteric stuff like Remote Viewing, Out of Body Experiences and other interesting topics.. Totally Updated Version…

Information based on my own personal experiences. This works!

$19.95 Value – Yours FREE today

FORMAT: Instant PDF Access


Bonus #2-Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method   
Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method Manual
FORMAT:Instant Access PDF ReportWant to learn how to attract what ever you desire? This “secrets” manual shows you exactly how to do it. I wrote this book and it has been a best seller for years as a result.
$19.95 Value – Yours FREE today
FORMAT: Instant PDF Access
Bonus #3- Chi Power Plus Book of Secrets 

Chi Power Plus Book: The Book of Secrets

This book has been sold everyday for over 20 years, and contains insights and concepts you won’t learn anywhere else. You will learn the power of chi and how you can use it in your everyday life.

A powerful thought provoking manuscript that will allow you to to tap into those psychic areas of your body in a unique way.

$27 Value – Yours FREE today

FORMAT: Instant PDF Access


 Bonus #4- Mentalism Revealed Manual  

Mentalism RevealedThis practical book on Mentalism will show you some of the ways a “Mentalist” uses their skills to create an air of mysticism. Highly reguarded as one of the most underground works on Mentalism, Mentalism Revealed will give you insights into the tool and tricks of the professional Mentalist.Some of what you may learn in this manuscript may shock you…This book is the one that many Mentalists were extremely upset about. It reveals what Mentalism is, how it works, and even how you can do it…

Books like this sell everyday online for as much as $100 One Hundred dollars, and I’ve purchased collectors editions that have cost me more than $150.

With close to 100 pages of cutting edge, hard hitting tricks and techniques, this one book is almost worth the entire cost of my Psychic Power System…
$47 Value – Yours FREE today

FORMAT: Instant PDF Access 


Let’s Recap Everything You Get

  • The Complete Internal Power Centers System– $97
  • Mind Portal Manual– $19.95
  • Magneto Manual– $19.95
  • Chi Power Plus Manual– $27
  • Mentalism Revealed Manual– $47

Total Value=  $210.90

 You Have My Guarantee That You Will  Get These Psychic Techniques to Work for You, Learn How to Become a Controller  in 60 Days

I’m not going to lie to you like some sleazy marketers do!

The truth is… Depending on how much time you decide to invest in this system, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be a “Master Psychic” in 60 days… for example, if you only do this every “now and then” it might realistically take longer than 60 days.

However, what I CAN guarantee is that if you apply these techniques you will definitely be able to start the process of Psychic Power and Control. You’ll learn all about how these techniques and methods work… I’ll even let you in on the secrets that Psychics and Mentalists use to get amazing results.

Alright, I want to take any doubts or indecision you might have at this point, out of your head. Seriously, if you don’t take action, you will NEVER tap into that psychic part of you… You’ll simply continue to struggle for years more with that thought of “what if”.

You’ll just keep procrastinating and making up lame excuses as to why you’re “gonna wait until next week” to start your journey. PLEASE!
Why not make the decision TODAY to finally learn an exact proven method of success to get your mind re-focused and become in control as well as the ability to re-create your life (if you desire).

I want you to realize that you have nothing to lose except maybe your old ways of thinking and doing. That’s why I’ve decided to offer you 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you do not successfully get this to work for you in 60 days.

You have a full 8 weeks to review the program and see for yourself as you begin on the journey of a lifetime through mind and spirit. If you are not satisfied with the information, we will give you a prompt and courteous refund. It’s that simple.

You might ask why I am foolish enough to offer a money back guarantee. Well, basically I am assuming that you are a trustworthy individual that would not try to take advantage of me unless you were legitimately dissatisfied. However, I am so confident in this system that I know you’ll be satisfied once you see how well it works for you.

That’s my promise to you! I’m genuinely invested in helping you achieve your  goals and improving your quality of life forever.

You’re Probably Wondering How Much This Amazing Training is Going to Set You Back…

I know what you’re thinking… So how much is this entire package going to cost me, Al? Well, as you can see, the value of this package, including the Manuals as well as the bonus items, is over $200.00.

However, I wanted to make this program affordable for everyone, and a wise investment in your personal development & something you will do for the rest of your life!

For that reason, I’m offering the manual, audios and other training in addition to the 4 bonuses. You can find these manuals & training elsewhere being sold in digital format for $19.95-$27 each…Now you can get all of this for only $77 total for All The Manuals, audios +Bonuses!

And when there is anything new added, you get that as well!

If you think about that in terms of getting these unique abilities that you want in 8 weeks, this comes out to only $1.28 per day for 8 weeks! Come on now… even your morning coffee or tea costs more than $1.28 per day.

The Manuals alone Sell Everyday Online Separately for $19.95 each, You Get The Complete System and All The Bonuses Today Only $77  for Immediate Digital Download of the Entire System (Plus Bonuses)


The order links below will take you to our guaranteed secure server and you can instantly download the printable PDF format E-book package, online audio and vbonuses, and more.

Instead of waiting for a typical package in the mail, you can download this program immediately and get started on your new meditation journey in just minutes from now!

You can choose to read the program on your computer, or print it out to read anytime, anywhere. The audio bonuses will be available to listen to directly online or download to your preferred MP3 player.

Don’t delay, because the FREE bonus package valued at $113.90 will only be available for a limited time due to the fact that I’ll probably release it as its own product, so grab this system today.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to download and start absorbing the info in the program and see for yourself why this system is currently not only one of the best selling Hypnosis Systems in the world, but also one of the best training manuals you’ll ever find…

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Take Action Today, You’ll Be Glad You Did!

So go ahead and Clicking the Add To Cart button below now to start learning how to become a Hypnotic Influence Specialist in 12 Weeks or Less!

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  • Mind Force Psychic Power: Internal Power Centers System
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  • PLUS: Magneto Manual
  • PLUS: Chi Power Plus Manual
  • PLUS: Mentalism Revealed Manual
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“Excellent Insights”

I never thought this would even work, but just after reading the manual and going through the audio files, I now understand how to tap into my psychic self much better.


– Johnny Tower, MI

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Get ready to start on a path that is wonderful indeed in just weeks!


A. Thomas Perhacs (Al)

Author, Creator, Visionary of Manipulation & Many Other Books, Systems & Programs.

P.S. Don’t delay any longer in developing your Psychic skills! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever get around to pursuing them. STOP procrastinating and making LAME excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be in life!

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